The Slowest Justice System the World has Ever Known

When it comes to old rich white men who have committed crimes, America appears to have the slowest Justice System the world has ever known. If you are young and black, it is very quick and expedient, sometimes even bypassing the formality of a trial for the most insignificant of misdemeanors. But if you are an old rich white man, especially one who has held a political office, you might die of old age before you ever meet Justice for a crime you have committed.

And that's why we have Dark Magic (DM) to expedite the judicial process for old rich white men via legal and/or karmic means. Thanks to the addition of ready-made plant based vegan meal kits to the INTENTION, my DM output has increased substantially, and the perpetrator who is the focus of my DM, one #DFG, will likely rendezvous with Justice within the next fortnight. Yay!



Darker Magic

There may be some Darker Magic (DDM) afoot. I don't think it will be enough to counteract my Dark Magic (DM), but I wanted to let my fellow Dark Magicians know, so perhaps the more progressive leaning of you can apply some of your own DM to mine, to increase it exponentially. Thanks in advance!

What do we know? We know that yesterday's DM was potent - above 250 - with a huge multiplier. #DFG is only about 1.3 pounds away from meeting karmic and/or legal Justice, which suggests it may happen this weekend or early next week.




There is a #DFG blistering amount of Dark Magic (DM) coming out of the Manwich Music Mansion (MMM) this week. Like...zero obstacles.

I am impressed. I would be surprised if #DFG did not meet karmic and/or legal Justice by week's end. But...#DMG is disappointingly derelict and very bad at protecting Democracy. So...